Friday, December 28, 2007

Getting Connected on 1-9-08


I am working with technology to get you all connected on the 9th.

It looks like we will be using a platform that will require each of you to have a headset with a microphone. I am not requiring you to buy one, but let me know if you have one(ASAP). I am looking into seeing if Medaille can provide them. If not, I can find someone who will.

In addition, I will be announcing our first of possibly many guests that evening in the days to come. As soon as this guest confirms, I will get you some bio info so you have a good idea who you will be learning with.

Feel free to post questions, or send me e-mail. I am still looking forward to seeing these great blogs that are being built. Also, let me know if you have anything that you are interested in presenting that night.




Marty said...

Marty Here,

I do not have a headset for my computer. This next class looks very exciting, cannot wait.

Jeffrey said...

Not a problem Marty. I am going to work something out with Medaille in the days to come. Stay tuned!